Deborah Maiale

My work is an interactive response to the world I live in, as it captures me in that moment. As I start my media, I crave interaction between media and subject. I respond to subject, my media responds to me. I react to my media, then I return to aspects of my subject and around it goes, without formula or predetermined image. I appreciate unpredictables, so as I lapse into delayed stages, I later reach a spontaneous conclusion. I use active media, watercolor, water crayon and water-based brilliant ink. I draw in charcoal, graphite, and colored pencils. Live models and on-site landscape are my best sources of subject. Occasionally I work from imagination toward realism or reinterpret my previous paintings. My use of color is as a “colorist”and I find the power of color to be irresistible. Figure became human landscape to my eyes. Detroit painters, Robert Wilbert, Richard Jerzy and Russel Keeter aided and influenced my post-degree development.